CM - Mothers day kids Clipart, AMB-1802 2354775


Mother's Day clipart. African American Mother's day kids holding flowers, a poster and balloons! These dark skin tone girls are just adorable. The girls are holding flowers, balloons and a I love you poster. Adorable... YOU WILL RECEIVE:
Each clipart saved separately in 6”x6” 300 dpi PNG files, transparent background Each clipart saved separately in 6” x 6” 300 dpi JPEG files suitable for all image programs 1 EPS file with all the elements organized and separated onto different layers, fully customizable in illustrator, change color, added text, change size etc... Perfect for digital and perfect to print.
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CM - Tea Time Clipart, AMB-1960 2354549


Tea time pack! Beautiful Floral decorated teapots, teacups, vases in pinks. Perfect for any project you have in mind. All in pngs and jpegs also an eps file is included.
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CM - Spring Ceremony BUNDLE 2340192
PNG | 2.5 GB
Just in time for spring and a new season to come and because so many of you asked, I decided to bundle together some of my top selling products that you guys have enjoyed so much! This Premium Bundle contains 6 top selling collections filled with amazing graphics, animals, florals, splashes, backgrounds, alphabets and so so many pre made designs to choose from and covering a large variety of styles and seasons.
To view and study the products included individually I will post the links to them in this description:
  1. Ethereal Woodland
  2. Frostbound
  3. Frostbound vol. II
  4. Olden times
  5. Wabi Sabi
  6. The Nightling
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CM - Freshest Leaves: Watercolor Clip Art 2355735


PNG | 402 MB ZIP
This set of Freshest Leaves watercolor elements includes leaves, flowers, branches, buds, frames, backgrounds, seamless patterns and premade templates perfect for stationery, fabrics, prints, scrapbooking and many more (see examples of use).
This watercolor collection of hand-drawn clip art is sweet and lovely. First spring leaves show up so innocently and are surrounded by prettiest buds. Every leaf is a miracle after a long winter, every flower wishes to say hello to the sun as soon as possible. Leaves are symbols of life circle, so let them grow and watch it happily!
What's included :
  • 20 colorful elements in PNG (transparent background), 300dpi;
  • 6 premade frames, both in JPG (white background) and PNG (transparent background), 300dpi, 3000*3000 px or higher;
  • 10 seamless patterns in JPG and PNG (transparent background), also PAT file, 300dpi, 3000*3000 px;
  • 6 premade templates (invitation, greeting card) in JPG and PSD, 300 dpi, 3000*4000 px;
  • Bonus : 6 premade Instagram templates in JPG, 300dpi, 1500*1500 px.
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CM - Purple Poppies&Blackberries-Clipart 1575670
CM - Purple Poppies&Blackberries-Clipart 1575670


PNG | 216 MB ZIP
WATERCOLORWILD.GRAPHICS  is a resource for watercolor flower clipart, vintage inspired.
Like Vintage Botanicals, all items are recognizable by species and stylishly authentic, and (for storytelling...) you may find different angles & stages of development, as they are painted after life. All come with transparent background, and are cleaned by hand to give you our best .
And here is:
Purple Poppies & Blackberries– Clipart Set!
A characterful and multi-functional set, in a cool purple-pink association, with lots of shape and tone contrast, for you to enjoy designing with!
It's an ephemeral beauty for these more than 3 foot high giant Poppies I fell in love with at first sight. Found down by the river, every spring since then, they brighten up the patch of paradise that is my garden.
Whimsical, when they grow from bud (wearing these bud leaves like crazy hats), to full bloom. Glorious -only for a day or two-, once their petals unfold like crumpled paper.
Their green seed pods then become mint colored, and then some pale golden color that lasts throughout the year, safe keeping the future flowers as seeds.
Designing with these is a DREAM! For you can make it as minimalistic or elaborate as your project permits : one loose, yet highly detailed flower as a stand alone, and the job could be done.
Combine these giants with the blackberry blossom, and with a subtle shift to a more pink-ish purple  you keep the color range, and you're in for a beautiful shape contrast!
The dark blue and burgundy blackberrie fruits remind the colors of the Poppies hearts, to balance your creation if needed.
And enjoy your 3 big BONUS compositions, as they have lots of possibilities of application !
  • 17 x Poppies : Flowers, leaves, buds, seed pods, petals
  • 8 x Blackberries : Blossom, leaves, branches
  • 5 x Blackberries Fruits : branches, clusters, isolated fruits
  • 2 x Separate Frame Embellishments
  • 4 x Cards with space for your texte. 3 x Bonus :
  • 1 x Round Bouquet
  • 1 x Embellished Frame (with&without frame)
  • 1 x Floral Ellipse (with&without frame)
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CM - Floral soul 1575737


A lovely design floral set, let's explore soul of flowers and the essence of florals.
  • In the Floral soul set you’ll receive:
  • 21 isolated floral elements
  • 10 floral compositions
  • 6 floral labels
  • 5 floral templates and wreaths
  • 5 patterns
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CM -


Hello! Here is the new "Vintage Barbershop" PNG set! It includes 36 hand drawn illustrations such as different scissors, razors, combs and more unusual barber items ... Create your own original design with the new set!... It's easy!
  • High quality
  • Original hand drawn items
  • 36 PNG files
  • 4167 х 4167 px
  • CS4 or higher
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CM - Freelancer / blogger set 2355667

Freelancer / Blogger : Watercolor illustrations Set of 8 handpainted, original watercolor illustrations on transparent background+ 4 combination images. Perfect for journaling, mixed media arts, scrapbooking, handmade cards, wall art, decor, blog design, posters, wedding invitations, branding etc.
• 8 High resolution png images 300 dpi, transparent background. Each individual element is approximately between 4.2"x 6" (109mm X 150mm) and 8"X8(200mmX200mm) if printed at original size
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CM - Pink Flamingo 1575801

Pink flamingo is too cute to be true, isn't it?
An adorable cartoonish set of pink flamingos and floral graphic elements.
In the Pink Flamingo set you’ll receive:
  • Set of 8 flamingos
  • Set of floral ribbons
  • 2 templates of cards
  • Ready print for your t-shirt or tote bag
  • Flamingo vector illustrations
  • Set of graphic elements
  • 4 vector seamless patterns
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CM - Kitchen herbs. Watercolor clipart 1576638


This clipart set includes 12 hand painted watercolor cliparts and 1 watercolor black background. Ideal for Kitchen theme, cards, photos and much more.
  • 1 ZIP files includes 12 png files, 1 JPG file
12 Herbs cliparts in PNG (transparent background) size aprox.: 6 - 8 in, 1800 - 2400 px
  1. Rosemary
  2. Sage
  3. Mint
  4. Tarragon
  5. Parsley
  6. Dill
  7. Cumin
  8. Garlic
  9. Oregano
  10. Basil
  11. Green Onion
  12. Coriander
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CM - Tropical dreams.Clipart and patterns 2352330
CM - Tropical dreams.Clipart and patterns 2352330


It is product tropical mood. Includes illustrations of tropical leaves, tropical finches, plumeria flowers and thematic patterns.
You can mix illustrations and patterns for new illustrations. Combine patterns and birds/leaves for new decorative effects. Mix leaves and flowers and make new bouquets.
You can use the product for design of souvenirs in tropical style, for wedding production design and print on textile.
-You can edit vector files (change colors, for example) in vector redactors. -PNG you can’t edit.
PNG files compatible with most photo editing software that supports PNG file format (Recommended software: Adobe Photoshop)
-There is no calligraphy in the set. Phrases are only in the preview for demonstration
• 13 vector files (AI CC and EPS10) with all elements
• 47 PNG files on transparent background
o 8 birds
o 8 flowers
o 12 patterns (+3 leaves patterns in white+stripes patterns in 3 green colors)
o 42 leaves (15 types of 3 green colors)
o 45 bouquets of leaves (14 types of 3 green colors)
o 1450 pixels on the larger side, 300 dpi
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CM - Floral Glitter Alphabet & Graphics 2353483


PNG | 1.6 GB ZIP
Gold, Rose, Glitter, Watercolor, Font, Alphabet, Floral, BOUQUET, Flowers, Wedding - This prompted us to create Floral Glitter Alphabet & Graphics. Create amazing invitations for weddings, Business Cards, Posters, covers for phones and more.
  • Alphabet: 26 letters (104 transparent PNG files) | (Rose: Dark, Bright & Gold: Dark, Bright).
  • Elements: 7 frames (28 transparent PNG files) | (Bright; Dark; Gold; Rose).
  • Backgrounds: 18 JPG files | (Dark & Bright).
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CM - Watercolor Ingredients Vector Set 2351549


Set of 10 hand drawn watercolor ingredients objects. Traced vector illustrations. Zip file contains editable 10 EPS vector files and 10 JPEG images.
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CM - Busy Bees Baby Vector Patterns 2355971


Cute bee themed floral and geometric seamless vector patterns. Perfect for designing gift wrap, fabric products, baby apparel, packaging and so much more!
You will receive the following:
  • .eps file with 8 seamless patterns and graphic elements (version CS3)
  • .ai file with 8 seamless patterns and graphic elements (version CS3)
  • JPG files with 12"x12" patterns (not tileable)
  • Graphic elements saved in JPG and PNG formats
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CM - Cooking Time! 2350890


I present to you my new set «Cooking Time! »! This set of a great clipart comes to you in eps, jpg and png format which has a transparent background and perfect to use as graphics in most programs. Vector files are easily scalable and are ready for print and digital use. The product contains a large vector collection of objects, compositions, backgrounds and seamless patterns.
These elements’ll be a perfect decoration for a kitchen, menu, cafe, wrapping paper, crockery, print on fabrics and so much more. You can also repaint them at your discretion! What You'll Get:
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